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Double Your Agency’s Production in 90 Days or Less

On this page, we’ll explain how agents are having their best months ever, doubling (even tripling) their production within 90 days inside The Producers Academy.

Watch the video to hear client’s first-hand experience!

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More Client Results …

Amy Bush

Final Expense Agent

Prior to Amy joining the Producers Academy she had no processes in place to reach her goal. Since joining she has doubled her monthly production going from $16,000 to $30,000.

Amy said “I wouldn’t be where I am at today without the knowledge and skills that I learned from the last 12 weeks.”

Bianca Menard

Final Expense Agency Owner
“I have gained so much insight and revelation from my 1:1 coaching with Trista. With her counsel and advice, I have been able to create systems and processes that has allowed me to go from “winging it” to having a real business and a strategic plan moving forward.”

Hillary Krsnak

P&C | Producer, Matthew Harms Agency
As a brand new agency, Hillary didn’t know where to start to increase her production. She has enjoyed the active role playing as that is the key that took her closing rate from 4.9% to 12% consistently.

Haley Newman

P&C | Producer, K. Davis Insurance Agency
By implementing Trista’s pre-framing technique, Haley consistently closes $20k/mo in personal lines P&C working part-time from home while taking care of her 2 little ones.

Haley’s close rate skyrocketed to 90%

Jumpstart Go has Partnered with Joe Kampert

to help P&C Agency Owners Add $100k/mo in production to their insurance agencies

Hi, we’re Jumpstart Go

we’re on a mission to help 10,000 insurance agents

Since 2018, Jumpstart Go has had one mission – to help insurance agents grow their businesses through marketing & sales. 

We are known for building one of the largest Facebook groups for insurance agents with 31,000 members ..

.. helped over 400 agents install the perfect pipeline system (and generate leads for free through social media)

.. consulted for 7-figure life insurance agencies as well as 9-figure brokerages.

.. generated over $2.2 million in revenue from social media

We’re on a big mission to help ten thousand insurance agents make $10k/month inside their insurance businesses for an economic impact of $1.2 billion/year. 

Meet your coach, Trista Giancotti ..

Originally from the captive P&C world, Trista quickly achieved top-producer status..

.. and went on to open her own independent P&C agency & grew her book of business to $3 million (without buying leads) using her centers of influence referral strategy.

Trista achieved her rapid rate of growth through growing her sales team and training her producers to not only be expert sales people but also how to generate their own word-of-mouth business. 

Today, Trista is the head coach & trainer with Jumpstart Go. She works with agency owners everyday helping them accelerate their growth while keeping their sales & marketing efforts profitable. 

Want to get to know Trista’s training style? Watch these 30 second clips..

Turn Your Strive into Thrive

How Agents Are Doubling Production inside The Producers Academy

Agency owners are seeing their agents double their close rates in 90 days. Their agents are continuing to break new records month over month.

A 2020 study by Southern New Hampshire University found that salesperson training can have an ROI of up to 353%.

To put that in perspective, that is for every $1 spent – you will see a return of $353!

The Producers Academy was designed to help agency owners train their producers in these key areas:


#1) Nailing the first 90 seconds of the call

The first 90 seconds of the call is absolutely critical to the sale. During the first 90 seconds, prospects will respond with knee-jerk reactions like “I’m not interested,” “I didn’t request that,” or “Now’s not a good time.” First understanding that these are normal objections and learning how to handle them is foundational for any insurance sales rep wanting to close more sales.


#2) Building rapport with anyone

Building rapport is all about creating trust and a common understanding with the prospect. Rapport isn’t built through asking about the weather! In Producers Academy, agents learn the best questions to ask so that prospects feel understood, heard, and validated. 


#3) Discovery based selling

It’s all about asking the right questions to get the right responses! Objections that come up later in calls like “I need to talk to my spouse,” “I need to get more quotes,” or “I need to think about it,” happen when the prospect doesn’t clearly see the value of working with you. These objections can be addressed when agents have done a throughout discovery process. Most agents lack a clear framework for discovery that leaves them stumped at the end of calls and in a continuous cycle of follow-up.


#4) Objection Handling

Objections are a normal part of on any sales conversation. The ability to guide prospects through the their objections so they can make an informed decision is the ultimate goal here. It’s like the “red zone” of the sales call. And consider this .. the top 5 football red zone offenses make playoffs 90% of the time. Handling objections is arguably the most important skill for agents to have — and not through slimy or pushy tactics but through the discovery based process (mentioned above), so that prospects feel good about working with your agency. 


#5) Activity = Results

Activity is the fuel for any sales process. It’s not just about doing the activity, but also focusing on the right activities. We work with agents to help them identify the areas of inefficiency in their schedules, so they can focus on revenue-generating activities.


#6) Mindset & Motivation

86% of salespeople do not have a belief system that aligns with their sales targets! What does this mean? It means that 86% of agents are underperforming simply because of limiting beliefs. In Producers Academy, we address belief systems, helping agents connect their daily activities to their goals and the larger impact they want to make. When this happens, activity explodes (and production skyrockets as a result)!

Who is Producers Academy for?

P&C Agency Owners

We work with both captive & independent P&C agency owners and their producers. P&C producers we’ve worked with increased closing percentages from 4% to 12% off internet leads in 90 days, increased referrals from 0 to 8 referrals per week, and learned how to generate their own business using Centers of Influence (allowing the agency owner to reduce lead spend).

Agency Owners with Downlines

We work with agency owners helping them with both increasing their personal production as well as their overall team production. Agency owners that enroll both themselves plus 1 agent from their downline will typically double their personal production and triple their team’s production within 90 days.

Solo Agents

Many of our Producer Academy success stories are solo agents that put themselves through the program to strengthen their sales skills and increase their personal production. We have worked with agents helping them grow through word-of-mouth marketing, get referrals like clockwork, and close more sales that they would have otherwise lost.

So if you’re an agency owner or solo agent ready to double production over the next 90 days ..

Join The Producers Academy

On-Demand Curriculum

Get immediate access to the full curriculum when you enroll. Unlike other sales training programs that includes hours of “fluff” content.

This only includes exactly what you need to double your production in 90 days (and nothing you don’t)!


High Performance Sales Skills


Optimizing the Sale Process


Objection Handling

(with live examples)


Sales Excellence


Knowing Your Numbers


Time Management


Generating Referrals


Customer Service

Weekly Live Coaching Calls

Mastering sales only comes through practice & repetition. Submit your calls to get a live review on the weekly coaching call, get feedback in a live Q&A setting as well as scenario coaching.

*Reviews are conducted on a first come, first serve basis. 


Interactive Role Play


Scenario Coaching


Practice Overcoming Objections


Live Q&A


Request a Hot Seat


Submit Your Calls to be Reviewed

and of course, there’s more..

You’ll Get Access to these Bonuses

Bonus #1: Trista’s 3 Million Dollar Framework

Centers of Influence & Prospecting Training

Trista’s 3-Million Dollar Blueprint (how she built her scratch agency without smiling & dialing) using the Centers of Influence Strategy. Empower your producers to prospect on their own!

Bonus #2: Private Community

Exclusive Producers Academy Community

Network, learn, and thrive together with a community of like-minded agents & agency owners. The Producers Academy community is a high-performance culture designed to inspire, motivate, and challenge members to strive for sales & service excellence daily!

And we’re doing something we’ve never done before ..

Historically, the investment to work with Trista in Producers Academy is $6000

But you won’t be investing $6,000 today.

Our motivation for opening this program to more agents is to make sales training more accessible and to help more agencies grow their production.

So now, you can join The Producers Academy on a month-to-month subscription for $197/month.

And depending on your lines, just 1 extra sale per month would pay for the program.

But if you are like our other clients that have implemented these frameworks, you can expect to double your production within the first 90 days.

Let us be honest, our goal here is to overdeliver and provide so much value to you that you want to keep working with Jumpstart Go inside our programs month-over-month (and year after year).

If you’re an agent just getting started, use this program to learn the skills to skyrocket your income.

And if you’re an agency owner, we want to earn your trust!

To both the new agent and established agency owner, we hope to prove to you that Jumpstart Go is your partner in marketing & sales training inside the insurance space!

.. and one more exclusive bonus (for P&C agents)

How to Add an Additional $100k/mo to Your Agency with Commercial Trucking


Learn the Ins & Outs of Commercial Trucking Risks


FMCSA, Filings, Coverage Requirements


Market Appetites


Lines of Business


Certificates of Insurance


Social Media Leads


How to Hire/Train Telemarketers


DOT Leads


Joe’s $1 Million Dollar Trucking Scripts


Servicing Accounts to Keep them on the Books

Enroll Into the Producers Academy Today + Get the Everything Trucking Course 

Get Immediate Access to the Curriculum PLUS all the Bonuses!

risk free guarantee

Here’s Our Promise to You

The 3-day no sweat guarantee: After 3 days if your socks aren’t completely blown off by the program’s value, we’ll refund you!

Simply email us at support@jumpstartgonow.com, and we’ll issue you a full refund (absolutely no questions asked).

The 90-Day New PR guarantee: After 90 days, if you haven’t broken a personal best record in quote rate, close rate, or production plus added $20k in production, we’ll refund you for the full 90 days!

*To qualify for The 90-Day New PR guarantee, submit your weekly reports with your dials, contacts, quotes, sales, weekly premium & referrals.

Real Results in 90 Days

Producer Academy Client Wins

Ready to double your production?

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Client Case Studies

Check Out these Interviews with Agency Owners & their Producers

Bianca & Amy

(Final Expense Agency)

In this interview Bianca share’s how Producers Academy helped her team hit a new personal best record of $250k. Amy, her agent, shared how Producer’s Academy helped her hit a new record month in personal production!

Kim & Haley

(Independent P&C)

By implementing Trista’s pre-framing technique, Haley consistently closes $20k/mo in personal lines P&C working part-time from home while taking care of her 2 little ones.

Haley’s close rate skyrocketed to 90%

Valerie & Courtney

(Final Expense Agency)

Valerie & Courtney were face-to-face agents before enrolling into Producers Academy.

Not only have they successfully transitioned into telesales, implementing the frameworks they learned in Producers Academy, but it’s also been their best month EVER – with over $57k in life premium closed!

Ready to double your production?

Enroll in the Producers Academy Today!

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